For Roberta


"A couple of years ago I attended Anastasia’s open studio . Her work was very interesting to me. I looked through her catalog and came across a piece that had wonderful qualities - the color composition, design and spatial integrity all had a sense of whimsy yet sophistication - simply, the work was inspiring and spoke to me.  I knew that Anastasia was an artist who’s fine art’s history had served her well and her creativity and inventiveness was boundless and very original. I inquired about creating a work using the same qualities but on a smaller palette. She was kind, patient and listened to what I hoped for to fit a particular area. She was able to imagine the work because what she created is exactly what I wanted! Each day I am excited when I look at the work and thrilled to be living with this art piece. Anastasia Faiella is a wonderful artist."

Thank you Roberta, it was a wonderful opportunity to create this painting for you!