Louise Bourgeois

I recently had the opportunity to see the exhibition Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait at  MOMA NYC. If you happen to be in the area I highly recommend a visit to see this show. Her work as a sculptor, painter, print maker is so eloquent, diverse and beautiful. One of my favorite parts of the exhibition where the colored textile books she created during the later part of her life and career so lovely. I first was introduced to her work at a visit to the Tate Modern where installed in the atrium was one of her very very large spider sculptures, amazing.

"An artist’s words are always to be taken cautiously. The finished work is often a stranger to, and sometimes very much at odds with what the artist felt, or wished to express when he began. At best the artist does what he can rather than what he wants to do. After the battle is over and the damage faced up to, the result may be surprisingly dull—but sometimes it is surprisingly interesting. The mountain brought forth a mouse, but the bee will create a miracle of beauty and order. Asked to enlighten us on their creative process, both would be embarrassed, and probably uninterested. The artist who discusses the so-called meaning of his work is usually describing a literary side-issue. The core of his original impulse is to be found, if at all, in the work itself." Louise Bourgeois

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area you can currently see her spider sculptures  installed in the sculpture gallery at SFMOMA through Sept. 2018

I love you Louise! Thank you for inspiring me..............