Black & White Exhibition at Slate Art is Up

The exhibition Black & White at Slate Art is up! See more of my work and work by Barbara Kolo & Patricia Thomas. The show is up through October 6th. Gallery address 473 25th Street, Oakland Ca 94612. Gallery hours Thursday - Saturday 12-5 & by appointment 510-652-4085

"The focus of the show is on black and white contrast, and on the power, tension, and drama, that can be created when the two come together. Another theme that runs through this show is repetition and accumulation. In other words, what magic happens when a small manual gesture (looping a string around an object, laying down a dot of paint, or writing a word) is repeated again and again until something much larger begins to exist in the world? How can an accumulation of small gestures create something much more powerful than the sum of its parts? And howdoes a work of art hold a history of the body, of the movements of its maker, and of time?" -Slate Art