John Curran

"I met Anastasia a few years back while I had an art studio near her's in the Mission. I immediately fell in love with her work, and what a wonderful personality she has too. Her work is emotional, graphic, loving, caring and just beautiful. I am an interior designer by day, and have been so thrilled to have been able to place her work in a handful of San Francisco's most prestigious residences. Bravo."

Roberta Goodman

"A couple of years ago I attended Anastasia's open studio. Her work was very interesting to me. I looked through her catalog and came across a piece that had wonderful qualities - the color composition, design and spatial integrity all had a sense of whimsy yet sophistication - simply, the work was inspiring and spoke to me.  I knew that Anastasia was an artist who’s fine art’s history had served her well and her creativity and inventiveness was boundless and very original. I inquired about creating a work using the same qualities but on a smaller palette. She was kind, patient and listened to what I hoped for to fit a particular area. She was able to imagine the work because what she created is exactly what I wanted! Each day I am excited when I look at the work and thrilled to be living with this art piece. Anastasia Faiella is a wonderful artist."

Felicia Levy

"My husband and I were wandering through dozens of open art studios not finding anything we liked or could agree on....and then we spotted Anastasia's work hanging on a wall.  We turned to each other and said 'That's it!'   We love the clean lines, the modern sensibility and, for me, the emotional connection the piece arouses.  The closer you get the more you see into it.  Anastasia is a delightful person to work with, and a professional to the core, delivering as promised.   Each day I enjoy how her art has brightened up my home."  

"My wife and I absolutely love the pieces we've bought from Anastasia.   The use of texture, negative space, and the deceptive simplicity create a unique style that draws immediate attention wherever it hangs. Her work stands out not only at a glance but really draws the eye in, encouraging deep examination of details that underlie tremendous complexity in each piece of art."


Angie Taylor & Mark Peaslee

"Anastasia has the innate ability to create art that exudes emotion through the use of graphic elements and gestural movements intermingling with streams of consciousness.  The most meaningful piece I’ve used of Anastasia’s was for a women’s cancer hospital I redesigned as a volunteer with the organization, Chemo Rooms That Rock in San Salvador.  The art Anastasia donated to the project was  a collection of small hand-painted linen squares in multiple shades of blue.  On site at the project myself and my team reinstalled the piece on a large wall in the lobby of the hospital. The art piece brought a sense of peaceful tranquility to the space and the patients going through a difficult time. The original installation “Broken Sky" was created in honor of her father who passed away in 2002.  The story behind her art is as powerful  as the art’s presence in front of you.”

Kimball Starr